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The Launch of the Data Service Center Meets Local Compliance Requirements

Local Compliance Requirements

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Alibaba Cloud , the digital technology business and intelligence core unit of the Alibaba Group, launches Thailand's first data center to support the digital innovation of domestic enterprises, in line with the 20 -year National Strategic Plan ( 2018-2037) of the Thai government in enhancing stability, prosperity and sustainability for the country.
Launch of the first data center in Thailand during the time the Thailand Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) (PDPA) comes into effect in June underscores Alibaba Cloud's commitment to regulatory compliance when it comes to operating in the country while bringing innovative, secure technology to Thailand. This data center is ISO27001 and ISO20000 certified and complies with .. the Personal Data Protection Act of Thailand and financial regulations issued by the Bank of Thailand.

At the event, we will discuss important topics as follows:

    - Data security, which remains a top concern of every business , includes precautions. - Best technology and in-depth knowledge of Alibaba Cloud in contributing to Thailand's environmental ecosystem infrastructure.
    - Security services offered to customers in Thailand include DDoS attack protection, WAF, Security Center, Action Trail, SSL certificate service and resource access management.
    - Our main products and solutions officially launched in Thailand.



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Selina Yuan

Vice President of Alibaba Group

Selina Yuan is Vice President of Alibaba Group and General Manager of International Business, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, a leading cloud platform in Asia and top three in the world.
She leads the international division of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Business Unit, heading a global team across APAC, Europe, Americas and Middle East, and enabling cloud technology for millions of customers around the world.

Tyler Qiu

General Manager, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Thailand

Tyler Qiu joined in 2014, Alibaba Cloud operates the network that powers Alibaba Group’s extensive online and mobile commerce ecosystem and sells a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services to support sellers and other third-party entities participating in this ecosystem.

Raymond Xiao

Head of International Industry Solutions and Architecture, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Raymond Xiao is currently leading Alibaba Cloud’s international industry solutions and architecture team to serve customers worldwide. His team focuses on driving industry solutions and practices, technology innovation and adoption by applying Alibaba Cloud’s broad spectrum of product portfolio to international markets and ecosystems. Raymond joined Alibaba Cloud in 2016 and previously served as Chief Solutions Architect of Alibaba Cloud HMTP region.


Dr. Montri has a rich experience over 14 years of work experience in world leading companies such as Chevron, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Celestica (Thailad), L'Oreal (Thailand), Lantro (Thailand) and 13 years of teaching experience in Khon Kaen University, Thammasat University, and King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.

Dr. Passakon Prathombutr

Senior Executive Vice President, depa Thailand.

Dr. Passakon Prathombutr graduated the interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in Software architecture and Computer networking from the University of Missouri, Kansas City.
He was the president of the Thai Intelligent Transport System (ITS) association or ITS Thailand, the co-founder of Thailand IPv6 association, Thai Intelligent Traffic Information Center Foundation (iTIC) and the CCTV Consortium, the chair of CCTV Consortium and the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Intelligent Transportation System Research, Springer. At present (since 2016), he is the executive vice president of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA).


Managing Director, TMES Co., Ltd.

Thanont Manorotkul is a tech entrepreneur and businessman who have dedicated his career to the IT service industry. As MD, he has built TMES from a fledgling, agile tech company into one of the leading IT service providers in southeast Asia. His excellent interpersonal skills and creative vision make himself a great business leader and manager, and well respect by his clients and business partners.


General Manager, True IDC Co., Ltd.

Mr. Theerapun Charoensak as General Manager of True Internet Data Center (True IDC), effective from November 1, 2019. He will be responsible for the company’s sales and go-to-market strategy, in addition to overseeing growth initiatives and building strategic alliances in ASEAN. Theerapun brings more than 22 years of leadership experience from a variety of technology sectors including software, services, networking technology and hardware.


Vice President of CEO office

K.Supapan Mahasarakul (nickname Yuie) have been working for PTG energy since 2013 as Assistant Vice President (AVP) for Information Technology department and acting CIO about a year. Then, she was promoted to be the Vice President (VP) for the head of corporate strategy department in 2019. More than 10 years, she directly reports to him and work by applying business model canvas, strategic thinking management, strategic business partnership, and Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) for improving business performance, completing business solutions, and building PTG multi-ecosystem in term of the grown corporate strategy viewpoint. As the same time, she was assigned to be the steering committee member of PTG group in respect of IT, HR, and Risk management, and completed "Director Certification Program (DCP)" program in the Class of 275/2019 from Thai Institute of Directors (IOD).

Selected Special Offers for Industries

Apply to Specific Situations for an Organization

Alibaba eKYC

Paperless Remote Process that can check the online users anytime and anywhere.


Help organizations to build high-quality and highly stable mobile apps.

Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM)

Simple Database Conversion for Different Databases

Alibaba eKYC

Paperless Remote Process that can check the online users anytime and anywhere.

Short Message Service

Help organizations around the world create a channel to reach their customers with efficient and intelligent user-friendly communication capabilities.


Help organizations to build high-quality and highly stable mobile apps.


Anti-Money Laundering Solution (AML) that are comprehensive, intelligent and big data-driven .

Alibaba eKYC

Paperless Remote Process that can check the online users anytime and anywhere.


Quotation service that creates stable and high-quality connections for global exchanges in very low latency. The service also has powerful computing capabilities and can process a large amount of trading data to create indexes.

Alibaba eKYC

Paperless Remote Process that can check the online users anytime and anywhere.

Short Message Service

Help organizations around the world create a channel to reach their customers with efficient and intelligent user-friendly communication capabilities.


Anti-Money Laundering Solution (AML) that are comprehensive, intelligent nd big data-driven .

Object Storage Service

Quickly upload//download your photos, video and files at low cost.

Image Search

Based on machine learning and deep learning, Image Search enables end-users to take screenshots or fulfill another search requests using the image identification and search functionality. The product's search functionality is ideal for a variety of business situations, such as e-commerce sites and image sharing sites

Short Message Service

Help organizations around the world create a channel to reach their customers with efficient and intelligent user-friendly communication capabilities.

Intelligent Robot

Customize intelligent customer service as your needs.

Machine Learning Platform For AI

Identify your customers' shopping habits and make smart recommendations.


Send group emails quickly and efficiently without creating your own email server.


Up to 30% less cost than custom-built solutions 30% for data discovery and analysis.


Create great real-time dashboards to monitor your business data.

Omnichannel Data Mid-End

An all-in-one omnichannel data solution helps brand merchants define their brand strategy, monitor brand operations and grow your customer base through a variety of customer insights models and conveniently configure customer growth strategies.

AI Service for Conversational Chatbots

This solution provides you with artificial intelligence and allows you to build omnichannel AI -powered multilingual chatbots to quickly respond to your customers 24 /7.

Cloud POS Solution for Digital Stores

Consolidate all operations into a single Cloud POS System. Spice up your in-store customer experience with fast and digital checkouts.

EasyDispatch for Field Service Management

Improve your efficiency with an AI-powered, real-time, centralized service delivery product that integrates Vehicle Route Planning(VRP) suitable for a wide range of industries including logistics, e-commerce, professional services, telecommunications and utilities.

Global Game Servers

Alibaba Cloud supports game development and operations at various stages and sizes with adaptive deployments based on different factors such as the geographic distribution of players in key regions, network latency sensitivity and data consistency strategies.


GameShield is a customizable network security solution designed especially for the gaming industry.

Data Lake Analytics

Data Lake Analytics does not require any ETL tools. This service allows you to use standard Syntax SQL and Business Intelligence (BI) tools to analyze your data stored in the cloud efficiently at a very low cost.

Real-Time Streaming

Provide low latency and high concurrency which improves user experience in livestreaming.

ApsaraVideo VOD

Build VOD platforms and applications that are secure, scalable, and highly customizable with efficiency.


Highly efficient and scalable content delivery service for quickly distributing content to users around the world.

Remote Rendering

Connect your on-premises render farm to the cloud with the power of Alibaba Cloud Elastic High Performance Computing (E-HPC) and continue your business success after the pandemic.

Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

A Kubernetes -based service that ensures high performance for enterprises by enabling applications saved in the cloud.

Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh

A fully managed platform for microservices application traffic in a centralized manner.

Container Registry

A secure image hosting platform that provides lifecycle management of container images.

Auto Scaling

Secure and compliant key management and encryption services to help organizations encrypt and protect sensitive data assets.

Log Service

A real-time logging service perfect for collecting, . using, dispatching, searching and analyzing logs.

Cloud Enterprise Network

A service that automatically adjusts compute resources based on the volume of user requests.

MLPS 2.0 Compliance

Alibaba Cloud helps you build a security compliance system based on the latest Classified Protection of Cybersecurity 2.0 (CCSP 2.0 or MLPS 2.0).

Data Security

This solution allows you to easily build a robust data security framework to protect your data assets throughout the data security lifecycle with the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

End-To-End Enterprise Security on the Cloud

Alibaba is committed to protecting cloud security for every business. You can quickly build robust end-to-end protection to address application security, data security, and platform security for new or migrated applications and easily monitor and control the security status continuously. All by taking advantage of a comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade security services and platform-based products.

Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection

A feature-rich, all-in-one data security solution such as sensitive data detection, classification, grading and anonymization to help you meet the requirements outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Personal Data Protection Act.

Enterprise IT Governance

Alibaba Cloud Enterprise IT Governance Solution provides a comprehensive set of management capabilities for users, authorizations, resources, finances, and compliance for small, medium, and large enterprises that help enterprise customers move to the cloud and maximize the value of their IT resources.

Cloud Migration

Migrate your on-premises business to a robust Alibaba Cloud infrastructure with a smooth migration path.

Oracle Database Migration

Migrate your legacy Oracle database to Alibaba Cloud for long-term cost savings and take advantage of scalability, reliability, robust security, high performance, and enhanced cloud-based features.

Web Hosting Migration

Migrate all your websites or web applications to the Alibaba Cloud Platform.

Hybrid Backup Recovery

HBR is an easy-to-use and cost-effective online data management service that provides secure and efficient backup, disaster recovery and archiving services for Alibaba Cloud ECS instances, files, ECS databases, NAS and OSS includes on-premises data such as VMware, large NAS system, file systems, and databases.

Backup and Archive

Alibaba Cloud offers a variety and comprehensive range of products and services to help you plan and execute robust, high availability backups, store large amounts of data at low cost and high efficiency, and disaster recovery at a secure and compliant storage level.

Database Backup

Reliable and cost-effective backup service for continuous data protection.

Object Storage Service (OSS)

A fully managed storage service to store and access large amounts of data from anywhere.

Exclusive Industry Scenarios for ECS

Enjoy up to 55% off with Alibaba Cloud’s secure virtual cloud servers in Thailand.

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